Vtech Kids Camera, Kidizoom Review

4 star rating

The Kidizoom is the Vtech Kids Camera designed for the 3 – 7 year ago group. It is a tough, durable design with lots of additional features to keep your little snappers happy!

Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera Features

  • 2.0 mega pixel resolution
  • Video function
  • Photo editor
  • 5 hand-held games
  • 256 MB built-in memory to store over 500 still images / over 10 minutes of video
  • Includes CD-ROM image editor for extra special effects
  • SD memory card slot supports up to 2 GB additional memory
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Television connection
Vtech Kidizoom camera

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The Vtech Camera is really strong and durable. It can be dropped again and again, thrown around and subjected to all sorts of rough treatment at the hands of its users, and it carries on working as normal. If you have ever dropped an adult camera, you’ll know that it often simply stops working, or at the very least is never the same again. So clearly a lot of work goes into making this Kidizoom Camera as tough as possible!

A useful feature is automatic shut-off, which stops the batteries draining due to the child leaving it on for too long when it’s not being used. If you invest in camera-quality batteries, you should find that it can be used regularly for several weeks (including game-playing) before you need to replace them.

Another good feature is the dual viewfinder. Young children find it difficult to focus on things using only one eye, so this makes it incredibly easy for them. Alternatively , they can use the digital screen to view their scenes.


When it comes to the quality of the images, they are pretty hard to beat. Remember that we are talking about a kids digital camera, not an adult camera! Remember too that the photographer is a very young child, who rarely stands still! So don’t expect crisp, clear, perfectly composed images! Whatever model your child uses, you can guarantee that over half of the pictures will be fuzzy, and this will be down to the age and skill of the child, not the quality of the equipment.

Having said that, this model does a great job for the price (around $70). It has a zoom function, image editing tools, video with audio and of course the additional games. It could be improved by a stabiliser, just to help reduce the inevitable fuzziness that goes hand in hand with children’s photography.

The Kidizoom instructions are easy enough for a young child to follow; depending on their age they may need to be shown how to use the basic functions a few times, but after that they should be good to go. One thing you will need to make clear to your child is that the power button has to be held down for a few seconds before the camera turns on. A child is not likely to do this instinctively. However, this has a plus side because it will not get turned on by accident.

The whole family can enjoy the children’s images and video, as it can be hooked up to the television. This means games can be played on a larger screen too.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Suitable for 3 – 8 years
  • Lots of built-in memory
  • Auto shut-off preserves battery life
  • Very tough and durable
  • One of the most expensive models, but worth it for the additional features


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