Download Fun Photography Lessons For Kids

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Digital cameras are hugely popular with children of all ages but as any parent or grandparent will know, buying a digital camera for kids is just the beginning. Children are like sponges! They soak up information so they will want to know everything about the process of photography with their new camera. For those of us for whom technology can sometimes be a bit bewildering or for those who want to have some really great resources to help teach children about the basics of digital photography, the learning materials I came across recently are brilliant! … Continue reading

How to Make Photography Fun for Kids!

Digital Photography Tips

If your child already has a digital camera you may be looking for some ideas to help you make the experience as positive as possible for them. Digital photography for kids can be lots of fun, but it can also be very educational and help develop their creative and social skills. The following ideas can help your child get the very most out of all aspects of digital photography. Digital Photography Tips To Make it Fun for Kids! Create a “Photo A Day” Journal This could be for a day, a week, a month…or longer, depending on the age of … Continue reading