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Why Are Children’s Cameras So Popular?

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Over the last few years, a kids digital camera has been an addition to many a child’s birthday or Christmas wish list. As a conservative estimate, around 2.5 billion people around the world now own a digital camera! So it is no wonder that the market for digital cameras for kids is growing rapidly.

Digital cameras for kids are loads of fun for daily life as well as the big special occasions – birthdays, Christmas and family vacations. Encouraging children to watch out for interesting or funny scenes to capture helps with creativity, organisation and self-confidence, and is a great way to keep them entertained. As well as being good fun, digital photography has many educational and developmental benefits for kids. Learning to take photographs enhances hand eye coordination and improves social skills.

The advantage of digital images over traditional photography for kids is that they can see the result immediately. No need to wait for the pictures to be developed! This means kids can hone their photography skills as they can make changes to their subject on the spot and carry on snapping until they get the shot they are happy with!

Of course, the quality of your kids’ images are not going to match that of pictures taken with a regular digital camera. But this isn’t really the point, as you will love the pictures your little one takes, regardless of the quality!

Naturally, what you would look for in a camera for kids is very different to what you want from one for yourself! Think of a kids model as a cross between a camera and a toy. While you want it to work well, it also has to be durable and tough enough to endure rough play (as the best toys do!).

Kids Digital Camera Features

Features like picture quality and zoom are simply not important when it comes to digital cameras for kids. A child doesn’t care how many mega pixels there are! Greater priorities are how easy it is to use, and what it looks like. Children are drawn to things that look bright, fun and interesting. So when it comes to our product reviews, we will be focussing on this element as well as quality, durability and value for money.

A camera for children should be ergonomically designed to make it suitable for little fingers! Buttons and dials need to be big enough for them to use, and strong enough to stay attached! It is crucial that the menu is simple, so that kids can use it themselves without needing assistance. Many models have dual viewfinders, which is a great feature for younger children, who find it difficult to look at something with only one eye.

There are good children’s cameras to accommodate all budgets. As with all things, how much you are willing to pay is a good guide to what you can expect from the item. More expensive cameras for kids are more likely to have additional features, such as the option of adding borders, special effects and sound to the pictures. This is great for encouraging your child to be a little more creative, and means they are less likely to get bored with the camera. Of course, there are exceptions to this, and it is definitely possible to get a fantastic camera with lots of extra features, at a bargain price!

Kids Digital Camera Deals

We will be bringing you the very latest deals on digital cameras for kids so that you know exactly what you can get for your money and what other customers think about each product. It really helps to find out what other people think before you make your decision. As well as digital cameras, we will be reviewing kids video cameras and accessories. Whatever your budget, we will help you find the product to make your little one happy.

Our aim is to provide you will all the information you need to help you make the right purchase. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope you have fun choosing your kids digital camera!