Kodak EasyShare Sport Digital Camera Review

4 star rating

The Kodak EasyShare Sport Digital Camera, also known as the Kodak C123, is available in three colors (blue, red and gray) and retails at around $100 – $135. (We’re not sure why Amazon is selling the red one for way more than the other colors right now!)

We think this is a really good camera for teenagers. For starters, it is affordable. You won’t find many 12 mega pixel digital cameras that can be used underwater up to 10 ft, give you HD quality images and make sharing your pics to multiple social networks so simple.

Kodak EasyShare Sport


Features of the EasyShare Sport Camera

  • 12 mega pixel resolution
  • 2.4 inch color LCD display screen
  • Kodak Smart Capture feature
  • Video recording mode
  • HD quality images
  • Waterproof up to 10 ft
  • One button upload

The Kodak EasyShare Sport Digital Camera doesn’t come with a case, but you can pick one up for a few dollars, such as this smart blue one, which is actually suitable for several Kodak models (and probably a lot of other digital cameras!):

EasyShare Camera Case
As well as being waterproof, the EasyShare Sport┬áis dust-proof, and pretty much everything else proof! So you don’t need to worry too much about what it will be subjected to in the hands of a child or teenager. If your child is age 10 plus, this should be a great model for them to kickstart their photography career! It’s easy to use, but still has some excellent features, making it much more appealing than the typical kids digital cameras, which really resemble toys and are definitely not going to impress a too-cool-for-school teen…

Like many Kodak models, the C123 has a Share button to make emailing, tagging and uploading images to all the main social networkings (including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) super simple. This is, of course, a huge bonus for teenagers. In fact, this should be a big consideration when buying a camera for a teen. It’s all about the online sharing these days.

Testers of this model found that, in general, the images were clear and good quality, although it is a little difficult to see the LCD screen underwater, making those pics a bit of a gamble (some reviewers also commented that it is hard to see the screen in bright sunlight too, which would be an issue if you are taking lots of holiday snaps).

The price of this camera, however, more than makes up for these minor issues.


Amazon Customer Reviews:

A great price for a camera I can re-use and not have to worry about getting wet.

Had so much fun with this camera in the pool. Pictures come out so clear, friends enjoyed it so much. The only drawback of it is that you couldn’t see the screen underwater, so you sort of need to “blind” shot at different directions. It takes some time to get used to it.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Suitable for older kids and teens
  • Choice of colors
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Quick and simple online sharing
  • Requires AA batteries
  • Great value for money

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