Stopmotion Explosion, Complete Animation Kit For Kids

5 star ratingWe loved this Stopmotion Explosion: Complete Stop Motion Animation Kit with Camera (Windows & OS X). It is such a brilliant Educational toy that is really a serious piece of kit to enable older children in the 8 – 14 years age group get a fascinating and satisfying introduction to the process and technique of making stop motion animation video films. Younger children working with an older sibling or a parent will love it too – as will adults wanting to make short animated films for themselves.

In short, parents love it, kids love it and the results are pretty amazing!

StopMotion Explosion Animation Kit with Camera

What you get in the kit

The kit comprises a 10x digital zoom camera with good quality optics and a comprehensive instruction book with step by step tutorials with excellent, clear instructions. The book alone retails separately for $24 and has over 290 pages covering every aspect but broken down into ‘bite size’ chunks that are easy (and fun) for kids to follow.

Features Summary
Stop Motion Explosion Animation Kit features at a glance…

  • Camera that shoots 640 x 480 video at 30 frames per second
  • Internal microphone for recording sound during filming if required
  • Quality optics giving complete control over exposure levels, color and white balance
  • Good manual focus that can go right down to 3 centimeters
  • The animation software included is simple, but effective
  • The camera can be attached to any surface for stability using the grip mount supplied
  • It is compatible with Windows computers running XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 8 and MAC computers running OX X 5.1 or higher.
  • Computer requirements: A USB 2.0. port, a CD-ROM drive plus at least 200 MB of hard drive space and 1 GB of RAM
  • Comes supplied with a 4.5 foot cord. The camera must be attached to your computer during filming of animation sequences using this cord (USB connection).
  • This kit is fully compatible with video chatting applications such as Skype

Creating Your Animated Movie

lego figures can be used for your animations
The subjects of the stop motion animation films created can be any figures,

  • Lego characters are great to begin with
  • Use Plasticine to create characters like the brilliant Wallace and Gromit from Aardman animation
  • Stikfas, Super Hero figures, Wrestling characters and more

All of the above can stimulate a child’s imagination into creating some brilliant scenarios and story lines!

You can also purchase (separately), MoDiBot Mo figures that can be moved into almost any pose you could imagine and come in a range of colors.

Accessory packs for sword fighting, gun battles and more are also available!

Additional ‘props’ and set design can come from Lego, other construction kits or simply from items from the home such as cardboard boxes, dolls house furniture, toy cars – if you can imagine it, you can include it!

You can add sound effects to your movie with explosions, gunfire, rocket launches and Star Wars type light-sabers and blasters.

The first 3.5 minutes of this video show a brilliant Lego animation short film that has over 4.5 million views on YouTube! Similar results are achievable with the StopMotion Explosion animation kit!

Stopmotion Editing Software To Create The Finished Movie

The animation kit shows you how to convert the still images you have created into a video file for editing with a video editing software program that can be downloaded free.

You will be able to add sound effects, voices and music at this stage. The accompanying book provides an in depth tutorial for Windows Movie Maker 2.6, free to download from

There is a brilliant sound effects zip file that you can download directly from the Stopmotion Explosion website it will ask you for a login password – don’t worry, the password you will need is simple. It simply asks for a word from a particular page of the book that accompanies the set.

The video creation skills your child will learn using this stop motion animation technique are transferable to creating live action films too.

An Educational Toy That Builds Life Skills

the stopmotion explosion camera showing cord and fixing mount
With this Stopmotion Explosion camera, parents and children, or groups of children can work together, encouraging cooperation where one child can be in charge of clicking the camera while another moves each subject into the next pose.

Children can create great films that they can upload to the Internet or show on their computer screen or TV. The complete kit provides everything needed to create animated films.

This kit teaches children to create action sequences frame by frame and is brilliant for developing creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination skills, as well as organizational skills, planning and creative screenwriting, editing videos, recording audio and using video processing software.

Your child will never realize they are working on all these skills – they will just be having too much fun! It’s therapy for Adults too – here is one guy’s video – only the second he ever made, posted on YouTube – brilliant!

Great Value for Money

what you get in the kit
This complete stop motion animation kit offers great value for money purchased through Amazon fulfilled by Stopmotion Explosion.

Support and help with any technical problems is available on their website.

You can get this item with free shipping from Amazon which is a great deal – and as this Kit is going to get played with a lot, we definitely recommend the excellent value Square Trade protection which at the very low price it costs, provides two years peace of mind!

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