A Barbie That Takes Pictures! Our Photo Fashion Doll Review

4 star ratingMattel’s “see what happens when you play with Barbie” slogan is a great one for this photo fashion doll that takes pictures! It is designed for girls of six years and up, who love fashion and dolls and who maybe want to be a fashion model, fashion designer or photographer when they grow up!

This Barbie with a camera inside of her that takes real pictures comes with simple instructions so your child will soon be taking some great images! Just push the heart-shaped button on her belt to turn the camera on. Press the button on the right of this (as you look at her) and you will be able to select one of the thirty pre-loaded graphics as a frame for the picture you want to take. You will also be able to change colors and backgrounds too.

photo fashion barbie doll

A great way to encourage imagination and creativity by taking images from Barbie’s point of view!

barbie camera doll viewfinderThen just point and shoot to take the image. The viewfinder to ensure you get just the image you want, is neatly incorporated into the design of the necklace she is wearing, so it looks like a pearl surrounded pendant hanging down at her back.

The idea is that if you can picture it, Barbie can wear it and the image you have taken is displayed on the front of her T Shirt in the frame you chose. It looks like she is wearing a graphic T shirt but this is actually the camera’s LCD screen.

Encourage Creativity With Editing Options

In addition to the preloaded graphics, your child will be able to take around 200 pictures with the installed memory. There is a pink USB cable supplied to enable plugging the doll into the computer and uploading images you have taken, just like with a ‘regular’ camera!

Once she has done this, she will be able to edit the images further if you have an internet connection to connect to the editing software. This enables adding more special effects and graphics. If you want, download the finished pictures to Barbie again and show them off on the slide show feature which will display them in turn on the front of her T shirt!

Your child could also display her favorite photos taken with another camera on the doll’s t-shirt, by downloading these too!

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Suitable for the 6 years and over age group.
  • The USB cable doubles as a charger for the rechargeable battery inside her whenever you need it.
  • A neat feature is the supplied stand which has a plugin point so that the camera can be recharging whilst Barbie is on display.
  • The resolution of the images is good, the same as on an iPhone.
  • This is for stills only – it does not take video.
  • Also available as Barbie Photo Fashion African-American Doll


Photo Fashion Barbie Reviews

The Barbie camera doll gets great reviews from customers on Amazon. It is a sturdy and well made toy, scoring highly for durability, for the fun it provides and the educational value. It certainly encourages creativity with the way you can choose frames, backgrounds and colors . With access to the internet for even more editing creativity, this would make a super birthday gift for any little girl in the six years and over age group – brilliant job, Mattel!

Photo Barbie African American Camera Doll

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