The Looxcie LX2 For Sporty Teens To Capture and Share Video On The Move

4 star ratingFor sporty teens who want to capture the action as it happens, why not consider the Looxcie LX2 hands free video camera. It is a really small and unobtrusive camera that weighs less than one ounce but which can double as a Bluetooth head set when clipped over one ear. It has a range of options which enable it to be clipped to a baseball cap or vented cycle helmet – and for adult users a screen mount for in-car use too!

The Looxcie video camera in use

Weighing less than an ounce, this camera looks like a Bluetooth headset!

Most teens love skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and all sorts of outdoor sports. With this Looxcie video camera they can record everything they look at, continuously, for up to five hours, without any worry of having to use their hands at all, leaving them free to concentrate on enjoying themselves and recording the fun at the same time. Great for hunting, hiking and fishing too, a brilliant way to capture the moment and prove the size of “the one that got away”!

Video Demonstration of the Looxcie LX2 Features

I could write a whole essay on this great little camera (currently on sale at a great price from Amazon) but as they say, a picture paints a thousand words and this video is a brilliant explanation of how it works – be warned, watching this could seriously make you want one for yourself too!

This might be an inexpensive video camera, but it is certainly not a toy and will capture all the video (plus audio) to the memory chip (2GB). The video quality is pretty good for the price and although it is not an HD recorder, the 480p quality is more than adequate for most applications.

accessories for looxcie

There is a wide selection of accessories available for the Looxcie, check them out using the link below

It comes complete with everything you need in the way of gels and clips to ensure a comfortable fit over the ear.

It also has a USB computer to enable charging and connection to a computer to view your videos.

It is easy to operate with a simple on-off switch located on the inside of the unit.

Editor’s tip:
Check out the range of accessories for Looxcie available at great prices here!

If you want to stop or start recording there is a button for this and another button for answering calls or hanging up . A single status light shows green when the unit is switched on and another red light located at the front shows when recording is on.

Because the Looxcie records in a continuous five hour loop, you can use it like a normal video recorder, or you can go back over what has been recorded to find that un-missable moment you want to save or share. You can also choose continuous streaming so that you can share everything with whoever you choose – as it happens!

If your teen has an Android smartphone, there are mobile Apps to download free which allow viewing what the camera is recording on the screen of the phone and starting and stopping of recording via the phone when connected via Bluetooth. The other plus of this is that it is easy to edit and share via social networking sites instantly.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Weighs less than one ounce
  • 5 hours continuous loop recording
  • Doubles as blue tooth headset
  • Go back in time to save and share
  • Allows continuous streaming of video if required
  • Free downloadable Apps for Android smartphone
  • Easy editing and sharing

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