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teach photography to kidsDigital cameras are hugely popular with children of all ages but as any parent or grandparent will know, buying a digital camera for kids is just the beginning. Children are like sponges! They soak up information so they will want to know everything about the process of photography with their new camera.

For those of us for whom technology can sometimes be a bit bewildering or for those who want to have some really great resources to help teach children about the basics of digital photography, the learning materials I came across recently are brilliant! Even if your child has the best digital camera that money can buy learning how to use it properly and how to get the best out of it will certainly be very rewarding and can be a great shared experience for the parent or grandparent and the child or children involved.

Of course, these learning materials would also be a fantastic resource for home-schoolers – you may already have read our article on the educational benefits of digital photography in which we highlighted some of the projects, activities and learning opportunities for working with a digital camera in a home school setting.

These educational learning resources would also be brilliant for elementary school teachers wanting to start an after school camera club with a group of children or for leaders at kids camps. The basic digital camera photography course detailed below represents exceptional value as it has everything you need – even if you are a beginner yourself, to teach children the basics of digital photography.

The site that I discovered is packed with some great learning resources that children of all ages are going to have so much fun with. Photography lessons for kids really are child’s play with these downloadable games and courses that make learning photography for kids as easy as ABC!

Digital Photography Course For Children Aged 8 – 12

photography course for children
Learn more about this Photography course here

Aimed at older children, this comprehensive basic digital photography course is also available as a digital download and includes two games that to make the learning process even more fun.

The ‘curriculum bundle’ represents great value and whilst this basic course material is designed to run as eight separate photography lessons for kids in sessions of around 45 minutes each, once the materials are printed off, the games can be played again and again and of course, new materials can be printed for the next group of children you want to teach the course to.

The pack includes absolutely everything you need including all the text and images, the lesson plans, activity sheets, a photographer badge template and a power point presentation.

The two games included are the “3 Kings” card game and the “Memory” card game – why not find out more by visiting the site? Because all the games and course materials are digital downloads, they are available wherever you are in the world and can all be printed on your home printer or professionally printed if you wish.

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