Choosing The Best Digital Camera For Kids Under $50

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When it comes to choosing the best digital camera for kids, the most important factor is the child’s age. A 10 year old is going to have very different requirements, expectations and skill levels than a 2 year old!

Most children become fascinated by cameras and are keen to start taking pictures themselves from a very young age. Nowadays most households own some sort of camera, and if they don’t have one they have a camera facility on their mobile phone. So children grow up watching the adults around them capture lots of moments on camera, from the mundane to the extraordinary. They see everybody – from the photographer to the people around them – enjoying the process, so it’s no wonder they are itching to have a go at it themselves!

Some kids just love larking about and find the process of snapping pictures exciting regardless of their subject (the floor, the walls and the ceiling are common subjects for many young photographers!) while others will develop a more serious interest in photography and may even show a real creative flair for the art.

As a general rule, the older the child the more likely they are to fall into the second camp, but there are always exceptions! Your little tot may turn out to be the next David Bailey or Helmut Newton! If you do spot a spark of talent in your child, it really is worth nurturing this. You never know where it could lead…

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You are probably wondering how price factors into all this. Again, there are always exceptions to the rule, but if you are like most people you probably do not want to spend a lot of money on a camera for a toddler. At this stage, it really is not much more than an interactive toy. For most shoppers, this means finding the best deal, and sticking to the under $50 price bracket.

Ready for the good news? There are several great quality kids digital cameras that you can get your hands on for way under $50. And they are not only for the pre-school market either – some of them would keep a much older child happy. This makes them ideal for siblings of different ages to use together – a great investment for the whole family!

We’ve reviewed a wide range of kids digital cameras at all price ranges – please use the following link to view the models we have reviewed in the under $50 price range.

Things to look for in a digital camera for kids

Here are some pointers for finding the best cameras for the youngest photographers (toddler through pre-school / early school age):

  • Look for big buttons, the bigger the better! Little ones love to push buttons and turn things on and off on their own. It’s all about being independent and doing things for themselves with mommy or daddy helping!
  • A large LCD display is important. While many cameras for younger kids have viewfinders, seeing somebody through the LCD screen gets them used to the process of taking digital photographs.
  • Some cameras have rotating lenses, meaning the child can see themselves in the display, adding another dimension to their photography sessions.
  • Above everything else, the camera must be strong and durable, and built with small hands in mind. An easy-grip rubber casing with molded sides is exactly what you need for a toddler. The easier it is for them to hold, the less likely it is to be dropped – although it should be designed so that it is dropped (again, and again) no damage will be done.
  • Make sure the features are automatic, such as the flash and the focus. If the process is simply too difficult for a young child, they will lose interest (or you will end up doing it for them every time!).
  • Finally, look for sufficient storage space. Your young child will want to snap away to her heart’s content. It doesn’t matter to her if 90% of the photographs are blurry! Check the built-in memory storage to make sure at least a few hundred images can be stored.

You really don’t need to spend more than $50 on a camera for your preschooler. As you’ll see from our reviews, you can get your hands on the best digital camera for kids for far less than this!