Buying A Kids Underwater Camera

childrens underwater cameraA kids underwater camera is ideal for young water babies who love to take pictures of their aquatic adventures! You may have noticed that many kids cameras are waterproof, but this doesn’t mean they will survive a dip in the swimming pool! If you want to take photographs underwater, you need to look for a camera that is designed for that very purpose.

Knowing what to look for in an underwater camera for kids is key. First of all, it must have a secure, sturdy underwater housing (thick plastic casing that holds the camera itself).

Most models can be used at depths of up to 3 metres, which is absolutely fine as it’s unlikely your little one is going to go any deeper! An attached hand strap is really handy, as you don’t want it to slip off the wrist in the water.

It is important for all types of digital cameras for kids to be really child-friendly, and this is definitely the case for an underwater one. You want your child to be able to snap away to their heart’s content and not waste any time fussing over the settings.

Some Features to Look For in a Kids Underwater Camera

  • Anti-Shake
  • Face Recognition
  • Large, clear LCD display
  • Accessible buttons
  • Simple settings

Of course, all of these features are desirable in a regular kids digital camera, but even more important when it comes to underwater models, simply because your child has the added complication of being submersed in water!

kids underwater digital camera

Kids’ attempts at photography – especially pre-schoolers – are going to be shaky at the best of times! For starters, they rarely stay still for long enough to focus on their subject, and a moving hand is never going to produce a crisp, clear image. This is likely to be even more of the case when they are larking about in the sea or a swimming pool. This is why it is worth paying particular attention to the features on an underwater camera that are going to make the task that little bit easier for them, and increase the likelihood of a decent image! Anti shake and face recognition makes it easier to get clear pictures, and the larger the LCD display is, the easier it will be for your little one to get the shot they want.

You can capture so many amazing memories with an underwater kids camera: from your baby’s very first outing to the local swimming pool (tiny feet kicking under the water makes an awesome image for the family album!) to family holidays at the seaside. Of course, just because it is an underwater camera, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used out of the water too. This type of camera is perfect for holidays at the beach and poolside games, because it doesn’t matter how much it gets splashed.

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kids underwater cameraIf you don’t plan on using the camera underwater and are simply looking for a waterproof model, you have plenty to choose from. Most of the best selling cameras are waterproof, meaning they will stand the test of time. No need to worry about spilled juice, rain or puddles! Knowing what other customers think of the product you may be thinking of buying is the best way to decide whether it is the right one for you. We’ve done the hard work for you, and have analysed all the reviews (as well as carrying out our own research, of course!).

Knowing what other people have bought for their children, and what they think of them, gives you a really good indication of the pros and cons of each item – all the bits the manufacturer won’t tell you!

Naturally, everyone has different priorities. For some people price is the most important issue, while others are more particular about the technical features. Your child’s age will be a consideration, as some underwater cameras are more suitable for pre-schoolers than older kids, and those aimed at the pre-teen and teen market are a little more advanced Generally, everyone wants a product that ticks as many of their boxes as possible. So whether you want a kids underwater camera or a good waterproof one, it pays to do your research first!