Oregon Scientific Hands-Free Fun Movie Camera for Kids Review

4 star ratingThis great little camera from Oregon Scientific certainly lives up to the “Fun” in its name, Hands-Free Fun Movie Camera for Kids. This model, the AC01-18 will enable your kids to have a fully functional, hands-free movie camera producing digital recordings of 640 x 480 VGA resolution, delivering thirty frames per second.

What does all that mean? It means that your child is going to have loads of fun! The camera can be mounted either on a cycle helmet or on the handle bars of their bike using the mounts included. Then when they have captured the action, they can play it back for family and friends, either on a PC or a TV, using the SB and RCA cables that are included in the purchase price! – Oh and did I mention that this shock-resistant camera is also waterproof up to a depth of three meters so for fun in the pool it is brilliant!

Oregon Scientific AC01-18

This hands free fun movie camera is sure to provide your kids with hours of fun!

A Great Movie Camera for the Over 5s

The Hands-Free Fun Movie Camera for Kids features a simple to use big button for the recording function so it is easy for little hands to use. Aimed at children of five years and over, this children’s video camera is:-

  • Light in weight (only 0.172 kg)
  • Compact (measures 110 x 56 x 50mm)
  • Appealing to children with bright colors
  • Tough enough to withstand being used by little children of 5 years and upwards

This Fun Movie Cam is designed to ensure that your child does not miss any of the action while playing outdoors or engaging in sports activities, as the camera is easy to set up and is hands-free in operation.

Buy an SD Card To Get the Max Out of This Camera!

Our tip would be to buy an SD expansion card with this model. The memory of the camera is 32 MB and so adding the expansion card gives your child a lot more scope and recording time. Maximum size for SD card accepted by this model is 4GB.

The manufacturer’s recommend using a SanDisk SD card. Be sure to turn the camera off before inserting the memory card. Installing the SD card needs adult supervision since the cover at the end of the unit must be unscrewed and the SD card inserted with the terminals facing up (be careful not to touch these).

Replace the cover and switch the camera back on. You will see an SD card icon on the LCD screen. A neat feature is that the remaining time for recording onto the card is displayed too so you know exactly how much time you have left to capture all those great action shots – all of which will be saved onto the card.

To remove the SD card, unscrew the back cover, press the card in until it clicks and then slide it out, being careful not to touch the terminals.

Use The Right AA batteries in this Movie Camera

The camera runs on 2 AA batteries. Makers, Oregon Scientific recommend using Lithium batteries in cold weather (Energizer e2) and Alkaline Batteries in temperatures above freezing point, up to around 40 degrees Celsius. They do not recommend using the camera in extremes of temperature but who would let their child out to play with a movie camera at extremely cold or hot temperatures anyway?
The camera is supplied with a user manual and you can download this or view online in pdf format prior to purchase, by visiting http://uk.oregonscientific.com/ulimages/manuals2/AC01-18_MANUAL_UK%20REV3.2.pdf

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Great for capturing images on the go
  • Comes complete with helmet and handlebar mounts for hands-free use
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use with large button for recording
  • Suitable for children of 5 years and upwards
  • Can use normal or rechargeable batteries
  • Recommended to purchase 4GB SD Card to get the max out of this movie camera

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