How to Make Photography Fun for Kids!

If your child already has a digital camera you may be looking for some ideas to help you make the experience as positive as possible for them. Digital photography for kids can be lots of fun, but it can also be very educational and help develop their creative and social skills. The following ideas can help your child get the very most out of all aspects of digital photography.

Digital Photography Tips

Digital Photography Tips To Make it Fun for Kids!

Create a “Photo A Day” Journal

This could be for a day, a week, a month…or longer, depending on the age of your child. Encourage your child to take a few photos throughout the day, and at the end of the day they choose their favorite one to put in the journal. Older children are likely to want to create an online journal, but for very young children, think about printing the photos and making a scrapbook that they can show to their friends, or a poster they can put on their bedroom wall. Not only will this teach your child focus and commitment, it will encourage them to take a variety of images and give them a real sense of achievement when they can look back at the completed project. It’s a great project for parents too, as you end up with a lovely keepsake to look back at in years to come!

Play “Guess What”?

Take photos of every day items close up or at strange angles and see if others can work out what they are. If there are a few siblings, they can take turns at snapping and guessing! This makes a great family game and is an example of how a digital camera can involve the whole family.

Turn Snaps into Gifts

Nowadays practically anything can be personalized with a digital image! From T shirts, calendars and mugs to jigsaw puzzles, key chains and mouse mats, your child can have fun creating birthday and Christmas gift items using their favorite photographs. There are lots of companies who will do the hard work for you (all you need to do is email them your digital image), but if you want to do it all yourself it’s entirely possible! You can create a personalized T shirt with a plain white T, some T shirt transfer paper and a computer print program. To make a jigsaw puzzle, print off your image, glue it onto a strong piece of cardboard, and cut it into small pieces.

Digital Scrapbooking

Create Funny, Cool or Interesting Photo Collections

There’s no doubt that your child will see dozens of objects throughout the course of a day and think, “Wow, that looks cool!” This could be a car, a billboard or a beautiful sunset. It’s impossible to collect all these things, so go for the next best thing and collect digital photographs of them! They could be used to create an amazing montage, or even a blog. Your child will be excited to watch their collection grow, and it will encourage them to take their digital camera out and about with them.

Digital Photography Tips: How to Hone those Skills

Whatever age your child is, if they are developing a keen interest in photography and seeing it as more than just a fun way to pass the time, it is worth helping them to build on their technical ability. When your budding photographer sees what is possible through editing, they will be even more captivated by the process. Lots of software programs are available to make image manipulation super simple, such as Printmaster Platinum. Basic photo editing software includes red eye removal, image sharpening, cropping and effects such as color manipulation, text adding and frames and borders.

Of course, more advanced digital photography programs are available, such as Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10.0. If you are also interested in digital photography, this could be a good investment for the whole family. A more advanced program lets you add flash to dark photographs, adjust brightness, cut down on backlighting and a whole range of other effects.

An editing program can also help you create lots of fantastic photo projects, such as calendars, postcards, greetings cards and stickers. Again, the more advanced programs will offer a wider range of projects.

If you prefer a more traditional type of photo project, check out My Fabulous Life in Pictures, which is a fantastic tool for any fledgling scrapbooker! Filled with colorful themed pages and covering every subject (parties, family, traveling etc.), My Fabulous Life in Pictures makes photo projects even more fun. Additional supplies to get those creative juices flowing include templates, stickers and portfolio pockets.

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