Lego Digital Camera Review

3 star rating

If you have a young Lego fan in your house, this kids digital camera is going to be absolutely perfect for them. Its casing resembles multicolored, over-sized Lego bricks (that cannot be taken apart, incidentally), so it looks really cool and to make it even more fun additional Lego bricks can be added to the top and the bottom.

This kids camera comes recommended for the age group 7 – 15 years, so it may not be your natural first choice if you’re buying for a pre-schooler. Having said that, it you have a younger child and you think they would be able to work a slightly more advanced model, this could be a good investment for the next few years.

best camera for kids

The manufacturer claims it is far more of a camera than a toy, but many testers report that is has been suitable for their pre-schooler. It is unlikely that a teenager would want to use it. In our opinion, it could be suitable for the age group 3 -10, depending on the photography skills of the child and how interested they are in taking “real” photographs, as opposed to just having fun.

Features of the Lego 3MP

  • 3 mega pixel resolution
  • 128 MB built-in memory to hold around 80 images
  • 1.5-inch LCD screen
  • Comes with digital zoom, flash and fixed focus
  • Rechargeable battery (holds enough charge for around 4 hours of continuous use)

Amazon Customer Reviews:

“Santa” brought this for Christmas for our almost 3-year old daughter, and she absolutely loves it. The pictures are much better than I expected given the price, and it seems pretty durable. Rechargeable battery lasts for a lot more pictures than I would have expected too. For a toy, it’s great!

I bought this camera for my son a little over a year ago. He loves it. I love it, its a great buy and is very durable, easy to use and a good size for kids’ hands. Would recommend to anyone looking for a kid’s camera.

At the moment, the LEGO Digital Camera is available from Amazon for under $30, which is a great price for a fully functional digital camera. Normally, it retails for around $59.99, so take advantage of this half price offer if you like the sound of it. We would recommend buying this multicolored camera as it is suitable for both boys and girls.

It’s easy enough for children to use, but the image quality is actually pretty good, and definitely much better than a lot of the models aimed at the pre-school market. It may not be the best camera for kids of all ages, but we think it is ideal for younger children.

A surprising bonus of the LEGO Digital Camera is that it seems to be able to store far more images than it claims – one tester had over 300 pictures stored on it at one time.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Suitable for 3 – 10 years
  • Perfect for Lego fans
  • Easy for young children to use
  • Digital zoom, flash and fixed focus
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Probably too much of a “toy” for teenagers
  • A great buy at the reduced price


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