Winfun Megapix Funcam Review

May 2013 Note: I found that the Winfun Megapix Funcam is currently out of stock at Amazon. If you need a great camera urgently for your 3-7 year old, the VTech Kidizoom Camera makes a great alternative!

4 star rating

The Winfun MegaPix Funcam was one of the cheapest kids digital cameras around, retailing at under $30 when we first wrote this review back in March – it has now gone up in price to a little over $40 – this probably reflects the fact that it is hugely popular! Marketed at the 3 – 7 year age group, it is a basic model that comes highly recommended by lots of users as a first digital camera.

Features of the Winfun Megapix Funcam

2-inch color screen
64 MB built-in memory to store up to 1000 images
Video recording option (can store up to 15 minutes of video footage)
Contains 12 hand-held games
Comes with a wrist strap and TV cable

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Highlights of the Winfun Megapix Funcam

The 12 games provide even more entertainment options, and some of these (Kitchen Wars, Salvage and Take a Smile) are designed to hone photography skills. The other games include Closed Shell, Farm Fun and Sea Bubbles and are purely for fun – perfect to keep your child amused during car journeys.

The built-in photo editor lets your child customise their pictures with frames, stamps and funky effects. There’s even a voice editor to let them add voiceovers to their images.

The wrist strap helps keep this camera safe, but even if it does fall it is fairly sturdy and should be able to withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. The rubber handgrips make it really easy for little hands to hold onto.

The most surprising thing about this camera is the image quality. For such a low price, we expected really blurry, grainy pictures. So we were pleasantly surprised to find that the quality was actually pretty good. Obviously it’s nothing like the quality of a standard digital camera, but in this price bracket, it is one of the best digital camera for kids models we have found.

It’s all the bonuses that come with this camera that makes it a good purchase. The games are a nice extra feature, and these are suitable for children up to age 6 – 7. So it could be a good investment for a family with siblings of different ages – if they are able to share it, that is!

If the Winfun MegaPix Funcam falls short in any respect, it’s that it doesn’t quite match the durability of other comparable children’s cameras. So it may not be the best option for a particularly boisterous child. For your regular preschooler, however, it shouldn’t disappoint.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

When I purchased this gift, I knew that such a camera could not produce the photo-quality of a camera that costs way over $100…but these photos are much less grainy than I had expected. The camera and its photos, plus its games delighted both the children.

The add-ons (take a picture of brother with a crown on, or bunny ears, etc) to the pictures are great and it’s teaching my little girl about how to take good photos.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Suitable for 3 – 7 years
  • One of the cheaper options
  • Comes with 12 games
  • Good image quality
  • Perhaps not as durable as other models


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