Underwater Spongebob Camera Review

2 star rating

This Spongebob Camera can be used in or out of the water, and is waterproof up to 30 feet, meaning it can cope with any underwater situation! For fans of Spongebob Squarepants, it could be the perfect kids underwater camera!

Features of the Spongebob Digital Camera

  • Suitable for 4-8 years
  • Take still images up to 30 feet
  • Built-in storage for up to 152 photos
  • Includes USB cable
  • Include Easy Download and SnapShots software

kids underwater cameraAt the moment, this kids model is available for less than $40, making it one of the cheapest underwater options on the market. But even at this price, is it good value for money?

Kids are bound to have fun taking pictures with this camera under the water. When the object is very close, the image quality is not too bad. However, when pictures are taken out of the water, or underwater at a distance from the subject, the quality is a lot poorer. Many testers felt that for a slightly higher price, resolution could be better and far better images could be produced.

If you want a camera to use out of the water, this is probably not the one for you.

On the plus side, this model is extremely basic and easy for children to get the hang of. They simply press the blue button on the back and this takes them through the different settings, which appear abbreviated in the small screen on the left. On the down side, it is so basic, there is no preview screen. This means kids can’t see how their picture is going to turn out, and makes it less suitable for very young children. We think the right age group is 4 to 8 years.

Another thing it doesn’t have is an external memory slot for an SD card. This could be an issue for those snap-happy kids who like to take dozens of pictures in a matter of minutes, not to mention young kids who keep pressing the button without realising they are even taking pictures! It wouldn’t take too long for the memory to run out.

In our opinion, what saves this from poor reviews is the software that comes with it. It’s really easy to install on a computer and kids can then edit their pictures and play games.

There may be better kids underwater models available, but for the price the Spongebob Camera will give them lots of fun, mostly due to the software.

Amazon Customer Review:

If the picture is taken very close to the object and underwater the resolution is good. But if I try to take a picture above the water has a very bad resolution, happens the same if the picture is taken underwater but far from whatever I want to photograph. The advantage is that are digital pictures but I would have preferred a better resolution above and underwater even though the price would be higher.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Can be used underwater to 30 feet
  • Underwater images are much better than above water image
  • Can store up to 152 images
  • No video recording function
  • Software is easy to install and lots of fun
  • Ideal for fans of Spongebob!
  • Reasonable value for money

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