Liquid Image Camera Mask Review

4 star rating

The Liquid Image Explorer Series Camera Mask is an underwater camera for kids with a difference. Forget about trying to keep hold of the camera under the water – this model is worn like a mask, leaving hands completely free! This makes it perfect for snorkeling and underwater exploration (to a depth of 15 feet). It is recommended for kids aged 8 and above, and we think this is about right. It is likely to be too big and difficult for younger kids to use. Some users have reported that the mask doesn’t fit their child well, and slips around, but this is probably simply because the child is too small.

Features of the Liquid Image Camera Mask

  • Takes still images and video footage
  • 8 mega-pixels
  • Holds up to 32gb (sold separately) and will record 1000+ images or 40 minutes of video for each 1gb of storage added
  • USB cable included for downloading images and video to computer
  • Attachment for light
  • Photo and video editing software included
  • Case included
kid underwater camera

The Liquid Image Mask is ideal for kids because they can simply pop it on and forget about it. No need to worry about dropping it while getting into the best position for snapping! Hands are kept free to help little bodies stay afloat!

This underwater model receives really mixed reviews and seems to be one of those love it or hate it products. Some testers found that the fact the controls are on the very top of the mask to be a hindrance rather than a help, and suggested that young children would find this too difficult. Others felt that the good points outweighed the bad, and believed that after being shown what to do a couple of times, kids would have no problem taking images underwater. It probably depends on the age of the child and how quick they are at picking these things up. A good tip is to practice using it out of the water first.

These camera goggles are are great value, remember their priority is going to be having fun, not taking serious, top quality pictures but – as the reviewer quoted below, said in the longer review you can find on Amazon, some are so good, you will want to hang them on the wall!

Amazon Customer Review:

The pictures taken from the camera are decent (and some were great), and the videos taken provide good memories (I suggest taking 30 second or longer videos). The film camera pictures were grainier and had a lower percentage worth saving. Before using the mask in the water, I would tinker around with the buttons so you know what you’re hitting so you can snap away underwater, but keep in mind also that it’s digital, so snap away to your heart’s content, and then go back to the surface and make sure you’re on the setting you want (photo or video).

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • For 8 years plus
  • Surprisingly good image quality
  • Can be used underwater to 15 feet
  • Opinions are divided on the control position (on top of the mask)
  • Completely hands-free
  • No need to carry additional kit underwater
  • Good value for money

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