Kodak Mini Video Camera Review

4 star rating
The Kodak Mini Video Camera is an affordable compact camcorder, perfect if you want to invest in a first video camera for a teen (or a younger child you can trust to look after it).

Available in either red or grey, it retails at around $50, which is a pretty good price for such a sleek, functional gadget.

Features of the Kodak Mini Video Camera

  • One touch recording for both audio and video
  • Simple layout makes it easy to use
  • 2GB micro SD memory card included
  • Expandable card slot for adding extra memory
  • Built-in battery is rechargeable
  • Pop out USB arm for no-fuss video sharing
  • Waterproof design
  • High-contrast 1.8-inch color LCD display
  • Enhanced low-light performance
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC

Kodak Mini Video Camera

Similar to the Flip Video Camera, the Kodak Mini can fit easily in your pocket or the smallest of purses – it is around the size of a credit card – and it is incredibly user-friendly. If your teen wants to share their footage with their friends online (and let’s face it, they all do!), they just have to connect the Mini to a computer with the pop-out USB arm and then start sharing on their social networking site of choice, such as Facebook or YouTube. The included software makes it super easy.

Despite being so small and lightweight, the Kodak Mini is actually pretty durable. It has been designed to withstand a bit of rough and tumble (always a good thing when it is going to be in the hands of a teenager), and because it is waterproof you don’t need to worry too much about splashes and liquid spillages.

If that’s not enough, this compact camcorder allows you to do lots of editing, such as cutting videos, turning video frames into still images, and adding cool effects such as black and white, sepia, fisheye and watercolor). It is these extra features that really make this model worth the money.

Amazon Customer Reviews

This camera is simple to use! Turns on very quickly, and starts recording quickly. I like the 1.8″ screen….big enough to see what you’re recording, but small enough not to use too much power…I fully charged the battery and took 2 hours of video, and I still had battery to spare! Battery life is great!

This camera is so simple to figure out I think that this is great for kids or just a camera to carry in your travel bag or purse, pocket or whatever. I don’t take a lot of pictures but this is easy and fun to have to take pics of your kids or dog on outings. It is not good in low light, images are orange and blurry.I spend most of my time in the sun and sand so it works….at this price if you lose it…not so bad:-)

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Great for older kids and teenagers
  • Small, stylish and compact
  • Waterproof and surprisingly durable
  • 2GB SD card included
  • Excellent editing features
  • Good value for money

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