Digital Concepts Crayola Camera Review

2 star rating
The Digital Concepts Crayola Camera kit includes a kids digital camera, a carry case, a photo editing CD and a USB cable to connect it to a laptop or PC. It also comes with a scrapbooking kit, including pastel colored printer paper, a notepad, markers, a glitter glue pen, children’s scallop scissors and a sheet of stickers.

At around $30, this item is very reasonably priced. But is it really value for money?

Features of the Crayola Digital Camera 

  • 2.1 mega pixel resolution
  • Limited internal memory
  • SD slot 
  • LCD preview screen
  • Additional accessories: carry case, USB cable and scrapbooking kit

Crayola Digital Camera

As with all kids’ products, the best way to work out if this is something you should be spending money on is to read reviews from other customers. It seems that this particular model appeals to many people due to the added extras, in particular the scrapbooking kit, which encourages kids to be more creative with the pictures they take, and adds an interesting dimension to the photography process.

Unfortunately, the Crayola Camera appears to disappoint users on a number of levels. Firstly, there is a delay of at least 2 seconds between pressing the button and the image being recorded. Anyone with a pre-schooler will know that 2 seconds is a long time to an impatient little one! This means that it is highly likely that the image that appears on the preview screen bears little or no resemblance to the final image.

Because this model does not come with any memory to speak of, as soon as the batteries die, the images that have been taken will be lost. So it is crucial that you save the pictures to you computer before this happens. Naturally, this is not always possible, so if this happens when you are unprepared, your child could be upset that the photos have disappeared.

When it comes to the downloading process, it is a little awkward. Importing the images to a computer has to be done manually, which takes a little time and requires adult assistance unless the child is old enough to manually browse and select the images he wants to import himself.

After the images have been imported, however, it’s pretty easy for kids to use the editing software (included) to add frames and borders and play around with their pics. It’s unlikely that kids under 5 will be able to work out the software on their own, but you would probably be supervising very young children on your computer anyway!

Some users express disappointed with the quality of the scrapbooking materials, but if this doesn’t interest you, you can buy the camera on its own.

This kids camera does have some good points: it is durable (as is the included storage case) and very easy to hold, and is available at a great price.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Low price
  • Easy to hold
  • Durable
  • Comes with a sturdy, good quality storage case
  • Time delay is annoying
  • Good editing software, but not for younger kids

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