Small Wonder Digital Camcorder Review

4 star rating

The Small Wonder Digital Camcorder is available at a great price for a digital video recorder. This makes it a good buy for older kids and teenagers who want to start using a “real” camcorder instead of an interactive toy (which is pretty much all kids video cameras are).

Small Wonder Digital Camcorder

Features of the Small Wonder Digital Video Camera

  • Digital camcorder with still image function
  • Built in memory for up to 30 minutes High Quality Resolution or 120 minutes Web Quality Mode
  • SD slot to add extra memory if required
  • Flip out screen lets you film yourself
  • Includes Memory Manager software, which makes it easy to email video to others
  • High speed USB connection to download footage

The Small Wonder video recorder is perfect for all ages, because it is simple enough for children to use. It is compact and light weight, making it ideal for recording all those special moments when you are out and about.

As well as making it quick and easy to send video footage to others by email, the included software facilitates direct YouTube uploading – perfect if you want to share your home movies with the world at large as well as your closest friends!

You can also watch your footage on your television – it is a simple matter of connecting the recorder to your set with the included AV cable.

If you are on a tight budget but want to buy your older child or teen a camcorder that they won’t be embarrassed to be seen with, you could do worse than the Small Wonder. At this price, it doesn’t really matter if they only use it for a year or so and then want to move onto a more advanced (and no doubt more expensive) model. This is a good model to give them while they are working out if they are really interested in digital photography.

Included with the Small Wonder Camcorder

  • 2 ‘AA’ batteries
  • TV/AV output cables
  • Carry pouch
  • Wrist strap

Amazon Customer Reviews:

This little camcorder is good for convenience sake. It does the job, records the video and records the audio well enough – but you get what you pay for and if you want something for “important” things then spend the money and get a higher quality camcorder.

I received this pocket camcorder for Christmas 2009. I was able to take videos within 5 minutes of opening my present. The videos that I took are priceless. The resolution was great and the indoor shots were amazing since some were taken with low light. The camera’s USB arm is somewhat flimsy, however with care it serves its purpose.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Available at a very low price, making it great value for money
  • Light weight, slim and compact
  • Generous built in memory with SD slot to add more
  • Easy YouTube video sharing functionality
  • Perfect for older kids and teenagers
  • Video function is much better than still image function

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