Samsung Camcorder Review

4 star rating

The Samsung HMX-Q10 Camcorder is an ultra compact, high-definition camcorder which is easy enough for teenagers to use and available at a price you’ll like! For under $190, you can get your hands on this Samsung video recorder and keep your budding movie director happy.

Features of the Samsung HMX-Q10

  • 3 inch Touch Panel LCD Display
  • 10x Optical Zoom
  • 20x Digital Zoom
  • 1080p HD Video Output
  • SD and SDHC memory card compatibility
  • SwitchGrip design lets you hold the camcorder in either hand
  • One-button operation
kids video camera

This video recorder is really user friendly. To turn it on, all you have to do is open the LCD screen. To access playback mode, simply twist the screen as you open it. To recharge this camera, you simply hook it up to the USB port on your computer. This takes away the hassle of batteries!

You can move it between hands and even turn it upside down thanks to the SwitchGrip design. This is based on an inbuilt G-magentic sensor, which instantly works out which hand is holding it and knows when it is turned around. This provides a greater variety of filming opportunities. It uses BSI CMOS technology to minimize image noise and distortion. So if your teenager is recording at a dimly lit party or in other low light conditions, you can be sure of quality film.

Other great features include one-button operation, an intuitive touchscreen interface that has drag and scroll functionality, and 10x optical zoom. The OIS Duo feature ensures steady film, even if you are on the move.

At the moment you can get this Samsung recorder for a great price, and choose from two stylish colors: black or dark blue.  Another great investment is the Samsung Essential Camcorder Accessory Kit, which is suitable for several Samsung camcorder models, including the HMX-Q10. For less than $25, you can get your hands on the following items:

Samsung Camcorder Accessory Kit

  • HDMI cable
  • Camcorder carrying case
  • 50 inch photo and video tripod with case
  • Lens cleaning kit
  • Micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • USB reader
  • Pack of LCD screen protectors

Buying the camera accessory kit for your teen as well as the camcorder itself is a great idea because it teaches him from a young age to care for his video recorder. The tripod is a particularly good extra accessory because it opens up different photo opportunities – perfect for those family group shots!

This Samsung video camera may not be the cheapest one on the market, but it is definitely a great investment. We highly recommend this model for a teenager who is developing an interest in movie making and is going to appreciate what it has to offer.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

This camera was ridiculously easy to use, light weight, fit perfectly in my hand, the quality of the video was wonderful and the zoom was outstanding.

This camera is a very nice, affordable, light weight, and easy to use device. I wouldn’t say that the camera’s full HD capability is to its fullest potential but it’s definitely worth the price, especially if you need a camera for family events and at home movies. I’d highly recommend this to anybody.


Features Summary
At a glance…

  • Perfect for a teenager or an older child who is serious about photography
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and light weight
  • One button operation
  • Use it in either hand – or both!
  • Good value for money

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