Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera Review

3 star rating

For a fun, durable digital video recorder for children that can also be used as a kids underwater camera, the Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera is a popular choice. As well as recording video footage, it takes digital photographs and can be used underwater to a depth of 3 feet. Little Tikes recommend this video camera for 3 – 8 year olds.

Features of the Little Tikes Video Camera

  • Play back on TV or PC
  • 1.3 megapixel resolution
  • 1.7-inch LCD screen
  • 64 MB built-in memory
  • SD card expansion slot for extra memory storage
  • Built-in microphone, speaker and flash
  • Editing features to add graphics and sound effects

kids underwater camera

What do testers think of this kids video camera? The reviews are pretty mixed. The recommended age range (3 – 8 years) seems about right. Children of pre-school age and a little older do have lots of fun with this camera, particularly if there are a couple of them using it together. After all, kids like to put on shows and act silly and love being able to capture it on camera!

Something that irritates some users is the fact that it can be awkward and time consuming to remove the cover in order to insert the batteries (you need to use a screwdriver). This also has to be done to access the USB connector so that you can download the footage to a computer. It makes sense for this to be the case, however, as the camera can be used underwater, so you don’t want to risk getting water into the battery compartment or USB connector. It also keeps these parts away from little fingers!


When it comes to how this model actually functions as a video camera, it is of a pretty reasonable standard when you consider it is aimed at the pre-school market. Audio is picked up fairly well, and the image quality is average. However, this really does look more like a toy than a video camera, so older children might be reluctant to use it.

If you snap up the Little Tikes My Real Digital Video Camera just now you will get it for under $40, a huge discount on the regular retail price of around $100. At this reduced price, it really does offer excellent value for money for a kids digital video camera.

Features Summary
At a glance…

  • For 3 – 8 years, but style more suited to younger kids
  • Average image quality
  • Pretty good audio pick up
  • Can be used underwater up to 3 feet
  • Editing features
  • Screwdriver needed to insert batteries and connect USB cable
  • USB cable not included
  • Great value for money (if you take advantage of the reduced price)


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